Chew Chew Salt & Pepper Salmon Crackings 香脆三文魚皮 70G

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Salt & pepper flavoured salmon fish crackling

What is Fish Crackling exactly?

Traditionally, fish crackling, otherwise known as fried fish skins, is an Asian snack in which fish skins are de-scaled, fried and and sprinkled with various spices to make a crunchy and delicious on-the-go snack.

Fish Crackling is a Snack?

Fish cracklings are one of the best snacks, people love to crunch them as pure snacks like potato chips. Comparing to potato chips, fish cracklings are as crispy, but on top of that, they are also crunchy, richer and more layers in taste.

They are a perfect match for:

- Fizzy drinks
- Beer
- Noodles soup such as tom yum soup
- Japanese Ramen
- Chinese Hot Pot

Why our fish crackling?

- Locally sourced Scottish farm Salmon
- High in Protein
- Omega 3
- No preservatives
- Irresistibly tasty
- Made in UK

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